RnB Treats

RnB Treats is a quarterly celebration of live RnB music which was born in the months of the 2020 lockdown, with the aim of providing online entertainment to those who needed to be lifted in the height of the pandemic.  The event itself comprises of two DJs representing RnB artists, where they play what they believe to be their chosen artist’s best tracks. 

The audience then votes via voting cards (in-venue) and via a poll (online) to decide on who they believe played the best song in each round.  The events were held firstly via Instagram Live but has since moved over to streaming on Twitch.

With RnB Treats’ growing popularity, we decided to hold the first live, in-venue event in May 2021.  The night was a success and as a consequence (and what with Covid restrictions being fully lifted), have held another in-venue event in March 2022.  RnB Treats also showcases the talent of up-and-coming RnB artists, who perform live prior to the main event starting.

Check the events page to see upcoming RnB Treats events.


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